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What kit do I need to take up swimming?

A pair of shorts, trunks or bathing suit is all you need to get started, but if you wanted to expand on this, possibly a pair of goggles and a swimming cap could be added. The beauty of taking up swimming is that it is low-cost, take a look at our swimming kit guide

Do I need to warm up before swimming?

There are no real warm-up exercises for swimming, but doing some stretches and shakes is advisable to loosen up your muscles. Equally, taking the first few laps of the pool at a gentle pace is essential and allows your muscles to get ready, take a look at our other top swimming tips.

Can I get injuries from swimming?

Swimming is not immune from its participants getting injured, swimming injuries are a real possibility if you overexert yourself or your technique is wrong. It is essential to practice your technique and to allow rest periods to be factored into your regime.

Good technique is key to preventing injuries, learning a good breaststroke technique or how to swim freestyle for beginners will help.

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