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Whether you are new to cycling or a seasoned veteran, we have compiled a comprehensive cycling blog to help everyone on their fitness journey. We cover topics from starting out, to finding cycling gear and the best routes to cycle across the UK.


Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some common questions about cycling

Do I need to be super fit to take up cycling?

No, you do not need to be super fit to take up cycling is a fantastic way to get into exercise as it is less strenuous on the knees and hips than other forms of exercise such as running. Read more about getting into cycling in our blog

Can cycling cause knee pain?

Knee pain when cycling is common, especially if you are not setting your bike up correctly. With a few adjustments to your bike, any knee pain should soon disappear!

Should cyclists stretch before a ride?

Ideally, all cyclists should perform stretches before and after a ride! In one of our blogs, we have listed some of the best stretches for cyclists here in our blog!

Do I need specialist clothing to cycle?

You can ride in whatever you feel comfortable in! However, some items we recommend wearing when cycling, such as a helmet and gloves, are more for protection than anything else.

What muscles does cycling workout?

It would be easy to think that cycling only works the legs, but it works more than that! Lower back muscles, core, and arms get in on the action too! Cycling is good for building muscle mass that other forms of exercise cannot always access.

Does cycling burn a lot of calories?

Depending on the type of training you do whilst cycling will depend on the number of calories burned, but cycling offers a wide range of ways to burn those excess calories off.

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