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If you are looking for a great running event just take a look at some of our 10K Runs, with lots to choose from and some top providers you can find the perfect one for you

If you’ve already completed a 5K run, training for and completing a 10K race is the next natural progression in your running journey. That being said, even If you’ve never run competitively before, a 10K run is still totally achievable for a beginner as long as you put in the necessary training time. You’re sure to feel a great sense of achievement after running your first 10K race, and you might just catch the running bug at the same time! 

Aside from being a great form of aerobic exercise, there are plenty of other great benefits to running a 10K too. Firstly, if you’re thinking of taking up running as a way to lose some weight, running a 10K is a great way to get your heart rate up and stay in that calorie burning zone. Another reason to sign up for a 10K race is that it’s a great way to raise money for charity, in fact, 10K races are amongst the most popular events for charity races and there are hundreds happening across the UK every year. Finally, running your first 10K is a great way to progress into longer distance running. Once you’ve finished a 10K you’ll be looking for your next challenge in the form of a half marathon and eventually even a marathon!

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10K Runs Near Me

You’ll probably be aware of some of the bigger and more publicised running events that take place in the major cities across the UK, but did you know there are also plenty of opportunities to join a 10K near where you love too? There are loads of 10K events springing up across the UK all the time, meaning that there is bound to be one that is easy and convenient for you to get to. 
If you’re looking for ways to get more active with your family, a 10K is a challenging but achievable distance for a wide age range and even if they don’t run alongside you it’s easy to get them to come along and cheer you on at a local race. We list lots of 10K running events that take place all over the UK, so be sure to take a look for 10K runs near you using the search bar on the left. You can then find races based on location and other options using the filters to find the perfect event for you. 

Charity 10K runs near me and fundraising

So, you’re looking for a way to raise money for a great cause? As we’ve mentioned, taking part in a 10K race is a great way to raise some money for a good cause, and the race is a great length for people of all ages to get involved in. As well as the better-known events, such as the Great Run series, there are plenty of smaller local events you can sign up to as well. In fact, many charities organise their own races throughout the year with the sole intention of raising money to help people.

Setting up funding for a 10K race is straightforward too. Most charities will provide you with a sponsorship pack to get started once you sign up for a race, and you can also fundraise online and share your goals with your friends on social media. Running in a local 10K race is also an ideal way to raise money for charities that are based in your local community.
10K Charity races are some of the most popular events out there, so if you want to get into running then these are a great place to start!

How can I find charity 10K races near me?

If you’ve decided to run a 10K race to raise money for a charity, you may be wondering ‘How do I find a 10K near me?’. The answer is right here! On our events page you’ll find pages of fitness events that are taking place all across the UK.

If you’d like to support a charity that isn’t listed, you’re welcome to do that too! Be sure to check the website of your chosen charity to find out more about getting started with fundraising.

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