How to run a 10k faster

Once you’ve done one 10k it’s only natural to start thinking about the next one, and also how you can run it faster! Setting yourself the challenge of a new personal best is a great way to keep you motivated whilst you train for your next event. Pushing yourself to reach a new fitness goal will also help to build up your strength and stamina as you look to compete in longer races. Here are our top tips for knocking off those minutes and seconds from your next 10k.

Get with the program

The best way to build up your speed is to get a structured training plan in place. If you have a set amount of time before your next race, find a training plan that will keep you challenged up until race day, but also incorporates an adequate rest period to allow your muscles to recover.

Add interval training

Interval training can help to give your cardio abilities a real boost. Try incorporating bursts of high-intensity exercises, pushing your exertion levels, into your regular training, followed by short rest periods. Remember to keep a good balance with speed work like this and endurance runs where you cover longer distances at a steady pace.

A change of course

Are you getting stuck in a rut running the same route or sticking to the treadmill? Try changing up your running route to different terrains, inclines, and scenery. Not only does it keep things more interesting, but different road surfaces can challenge your running technique, and running on steeper inclines will help to build up those powerful leg muscles, which will come in really handy to shave seconds off your running time.

A bit of friendly competition

Run with a friend and challenge each other to beat your best running time; nothing motivates you quite like a bit of friendly competition! Signing up for your next 10k as part of a group is a great way to make sure you stay motivated and work with each other to reach your goal. 

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