Best Walking Jackets to Suit the British Weather

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The British weather is unpredictable at best and when you have decided to go for a nice long walk in the rolling hills of the countryside, it can be difficult to know what layers to wear to make sure you’re prepared for any eventuality. Having a versatile walking jacket will help, most are lightweight enough to roll up and place in a backpack until needed or you can always do the classic ‘tie it around your waist’ if it’s a little thicker or has got wet in a shower storm.

In this guide, we want to provide a wide range of different styles of jackets for you to choose from, with prices ranging from budget to premium; we’ll have something that will suit you, the walks you go on and the ever-changing weather. 

Best All-weather Jacket

HH Odin 9 Worlds 2.0 Outdoor Shell Jacket – Men’s / Women’s

In a special mention, this jacket is our favourite all weather jacket. With an update on the design for even better durability, leaving you warm on the cooler days and cool on the warmer days; this will be the perfect jacket whatever the weather decides to do.

It is made with the tried and tested HELLY TECH Professional 3-layer, waterproof/breathable and windproof system. This means it will protect you from the elements, no matter what mother nature decides to throw at you. The jacket has some incredible features; helmet and backpack compatible as well as enough pockets that you’ll never leave anything behind again. This jacket is HH’s best seller, and we can see why. It is comfortable, durable and comes in 5 different colours for both men and women from S to XL for men and XS to XL in women’s sizing. 

HH are also keen on making sustainable clothing, so the Odin 9 Worlds 2.0 Jacket is made responsibly and showcases the certified bluesign textile manufacturing process. This helps reduce waste during the clothing supply chain. It is more expensive at £380 but we think it’s worth the price tag. This jacket is great for all types of walks or hikes but will also work perfectly for camping trips, trekking and mountaineering. 

Best Waterproof Jackets

North Face Quest Waterproof Jacket

Men’s / Women’s

North Face are one of the most popular brands for most things hiking and walking and this jacket proves why. It’s breathable, waterproof and has a seam sealed two-layer DryVent system to ensure you keep cool no matter what’s going on around you. The hood is also regulated so your head doesn’t get too hot when it’s raining.  

It is around £80 to £110 depending on where you buy from,but it is absolutely worth the money you pay. You can walk for hours with this jacket and know that you won’t overheat or be too cold while you’re out. 

Rohan Ventus Waterproof Jacket

Men’s / Women’s

This jacket is great all-year round as its breathable with a 3-Layer Barricade Standard technology and a Durable Water Repellence finish – no matter what the weather decides to do – you’ll be able to keep on exploring and stay warm, dry and cosy. The 3-Layer Barricade Standard includes moisture-wicking inners, a waterproof-breathable membrane and finally a water repellent outer layer. The pockets are large enough to fit essentials that you need to hand, like an OS map, phone or GPS system and has Aquaguard on so anything in your pockets won’t get wet. 

One of the premium options at around £300 – this is an expensive jacket but if you do a lot of walks come rain/shine/snow or hail – this is the jacket you want to invest in. 

Arc’Teryx beta Gore-Tex Jacket

Men’s / Women’s

Get out into the world with the Arc’Teryx Beta Jacket and know that you have the versatility to explore exactly as you want. This jacket is windproof, waterproof, breathable and really comfortable whether you’re on a short country ramble, a quick walk through the park or a long walk up the hills. The hood has two layers for extra protection from those annoying quick showers which you’re bound to get caught in. 

Highly recommended for those who go walking most weekends and want something that is super lightweight, easy to pack away and fully waterproof in snow/hail/rain or sleet. 

Spring Hiking Jackets 

66° North Skaftafell Gore-Tex Infirium Jacket

Men’s / Women’s

We love this all-weather jacket that is super lightweight and is the most versatile jacket that 66° has to offer. It’s been designed to handle Iceland (the country, not the handy frozen supermarket) so will definitely be able to cope with the British weather. Even though it’s a shell jacket which are notorious for getting hot and clammy, the breathable Gore-Tex Infiriumtechnology keeps you cool even when it gets a little bit warmer. 

A top-range jacket that will keep you dry, warm and protected all year round, we think you’ll love the Skaftafell Jacket. 

Didriksons Donny/Ilma Parka

Men’s / Women’s

If you want a jacket that you can wear for walking, shopping or just for nipping out with friends, then you need the Didriksons Donny Parka. It’s longer than most of the options here but it is great for everyday use as well as walking or hiking. It has waterproof and breathable technologies but doesn’t have great insulation, so it’ll be best to put a light hoody or thin jacket underneath if you get a little colder on your walk. 

Multiple pockets make this an ideal choice for those who don’t want to keep going into their backpack for every little thing. Please note, the women and men’s designs are slightly different but that’s what makes them slightly different to the other options here. 

Summer Hiking Jackets

Montane Pac Plus Waterproof Jacket

Men’s / Women’s

Take this jacket on a hike or walk with you and feel comfortable knowing that if you want to put this in your rucksack, it packs away so small that you won’t even remember you have it in your pack. Extremely lightweight, breathable with weatherproof pockets and AquaGuardtechnology, this is ideal for longer hikes where you’re out most of the day and will need something to protect you during the colder early or later hours. 

With a lot of breathable technology, this is perfect for summer walks – and an absolute steal at around £150! 

Patagonia Torrentshell 3L Pullover

Men’s / Women’s

A simple, yet extremely stylish jacket, the Patagonia Torrentshell 3L Pullover is a great addition to any walker’s wardrobe for the summer. With H2NO breathable technology and a durable water repellent coating it creates a fully breathable jacket that will give you lasting comfort for all day, no matter how tough the hike gets. It comes with multiple large pockets for all your walking needs so you don’t have to worry about stopping or your phone being right at the bottom of your rucksack. 

Hiking or walking in the summer can get really hot and sweaty, so making sure your jacket is breathable, comfortable and keeps you cool at the right time is so important and this jacket does exactly that at a reasonable price. 

Autumn Hiking Jackets 

Beghaus Ghlas/Milham Windproof Jacket

Men’s / Women’s

Take on breezy autumnal walks with one of these jackets and know you’ll not go cold when out in the cooling months of September, October and November. Elasticated cuffs will keep out the cold, the hood pulls down fully so you can stay dry if the rain decides to blow in your face and it has two angled handwarmer pockets that are fully zipped. This jacket is also one that has been made with sustainability in mind and is made from 90% bluesign® APPROVED fabric. Use the elasticated cinch waist to make it a little looser to keep you cool or cinch the drawstring to keep your body heat in. 

One of the more budget options on this list doesn’t mean it skimps on quality, this jacket is incredibly warm, and comfortable even when zipped up all the way. 

Mountain Equipment Echo Hooded Jacket

Men’s / Women’s

Plan your mountain trek knowing that you’ll be super cosy with this Echo Hooded Jacket from Mountain Equipment. A jacket that is comfortable for even longer, has breathable technology and a hood attached that is lined for ultimate warmth during the colder moments on your hike. It has three pockets, two hand pockets and a chest pocket so you can put in your essentials (for us, it has to be snacks) and not worry about them getting wet. 

The Echo Hooded Jacket also has drawstring around the waist so you can cinch it for the cosiest walk you’ll have. 

A great jacket for transitioning from summer to autumn months, it’s a great jacket at a very reasonable price and we think you’ll love how versatile it is. 

Winter Hiking Jackets

Montane Icarus Jackets

Men’s / Women’s

When hiking in winter, you need to make sure you are properly layered for the ultimate protection from the cold. Montane Icarus Jackets are perfect on their own due to their lightweight yet incredibly effective insulation or put underneath a heavier jacket, so you keep as warm as possible as you’re trekking through the countryside. 

The hood is also fully insulated, keeping you protected from biting winds which is especially important as you get higher up on the mountains or hills. 

This jacket also has elasticated cuffs, and you can adjust the hem to ensure your body heat stays inside the jacket and cannot escape making you colder. 

At £160, this is a great choice of winter walking jacket at a very reasonable price. 

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Men’s / Women’s

A versatile jacket that can be worn alone or as an extra layer under a thicker coat, the Patagonia Nano Puff jacket is quilted for extra warmth. It’s completely breathable, windproof and water-resistant. The pockets have little handwarmers in for those extra cold days and there is a hidden chest pocket that doubles as a stuff sack so you can easily pack this away into a small package to put away if required. 

Definitely a more sustainable option and at £190 it’s a great option for those who don’t want or need a heavier jacket. 

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