Where do I find local running facilities and running clubs?

If you’re enjoying your running journey and are ready to start taking things a little more seriously, you might want to consider joining a local running club.

There are a variety of benefits of joining a local running club:

Training partners

If you’re running with a group of people who are at a similar skill level, it can push you to train harder and reach your goals.

It’s easy to skip a run when you’re doing it by yourself, but much harder to do so when you know other people are waiting for you.

Access to experienced coaches

Most running clubs will have experienced coaches who can support and help you with your technique, offer training plans and give you advice on how to improve.

Social events

Running clubs often organise fun social events such as post-run brunches or after-work drinks, which can be a great way to meet new people and make friends.

Discounts on races and equipment

Many running clubs have partnerships with race organisers and local running shops, and can offer their members discounts on race entry, running shoes, and other running equipment

Where do I find local running facilities and running clubs

How do I find my local running club?

If you’re looking to join a local club, the England Athletics website has an amazing free directory with details and locations of all the amateur running clubs across the UK.

All you need to do is enter your postcode and hit ‘search’ and you’ll be presented with the running clubs closest to you.

Find your local running club at England Athletics.

Do you want a sense of community without committing to a club?

If you want a less formal way of running in a group, that doesn’t involve joining an official club – you’re in luck.

Community running programmes such as Parkrun and Runtogether have spread across the country over the last decade, and you can find one in almost every town and city in the UK.

Both are free to register and have events every week.

Parkrun prides itself on being positive, welcoming and inclusive. There is a 5k Parkrun every Saturday, with a 2k Junior Parkruns every Sunday.

Runtogether has a variety of different community runs, ranging from those that are ‘open for all’ to those that are for more experienced runners.

To find a location close to you and sign up for an account, check out:



Where can I train in winter?

Outdoor winter training sessions aren’t for everyone – it’s absolutely normal to lose a bit of running motivation on those dark, cold mornings.

If you’re looking for somewhere indoors to run during the winter season, take a look at Findgyms. It’s an amazing searchable directory of gyms and fitness facilities across the UK.

If you don’t want to pay a monthly fee for the gym, consider taking a look at Hussle which allows you to purchase affordable day passes for gyms in your local area.

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