What Should You Wear For Running?

Everyone who runs, walks or jogs outdoors should be able to enjoy their workout in comfort and confidence that their clothes are going to stop them from being too hot or too cold. 

Choosing the right clothing is important for everyone – from those just starting out all the way up to marathoners.

Before talking about what types of clothing you should wear, it’s worth noting the type of clothing that runners should avoid. 

What to avoid: 

  • Anything too baggy – this can snag on various things, can get heavy if it rains and generally be a bit annoying when running. 
  • Denim/wool/cotton – these will chafe, which no one wants! 
  • Anything that is too tight and restricts movements – you want to be able to move freely, having something on that restricts your arms and legs from their full range of motion will only hinder you. 
  • Anything dark when running at night – please make sure that you’re visible during nighttime runs! 

There are some basics that you should be looking for when choosing your running clothing. It’s always good to get a few versions of the basics and then you can work on the extras! 

Basics for runners:

  • Moisture-wicking clothing – this will help keep you drier and will keep sweat away. Many t-shirts and running leggings are moisture-wicking. These types of tops also help stop chafing as there is no moisture to get caught between your top and your skin. 
  • Comfortable/lightweight – your run will be so much more enjoyable if you are comfortable. By choosing clothing that is lightweight, you will not feel dragged down and you’ll be able to move more freely. 
  • Good visibility – running in the dark is great when you have the right gear! Make sure you have a light, some decent reflective gear either on your leggings or a jacket. Cars and pedestrians should be able to see you clearly from a distance. 
  • Socks – good socks will be nice and thick to grip into your shoes and there are some fantastic anti-blister socks out there. Your feet are doing a lot of the work, so make sure they are looked after! 

Too hot or too cold? 

Summer and winter bring their own challenges but it is important to get the right amount of layers for the weather. 

In the colder weather, it can be tempting to wrap up and wear extra layers but be warned – when you’ve warmed up and run a mile or so, you may then be too hot and need to shed some layers. 

Here at UK Fitness, we recommend wearing a base layer (which is a thin, long-sleeved top that you put underneath your running t-shirt), a t-shirt and longer leggings or running tights. Men, you can still wear shorts! It’s a good idea to wear gloves, a buff or running snood and maybe a hat to keep the heat in if it’s really cold, but it’s not always necessary if the weather is mild. 

A good waterproof jacket will help in the rain, wind and snow, and of course, make sure your trainers are suitable for the run you’re going on. 

Over time, you will figure out your perfect running outfit and you’ll have many different versions of the same thing to ensure you always have something on hand. 

You’ll also start experimenting with different types of things, adding in compression socks or sleeves to help your muscles in recovery or finding out which are the perfect socks for running a marathon. 

Making sure you are running in the right clothes can make all the difference for your running. Keep in mind that you need to be comfortable and confident and you won’t go wrong! 

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