What is an Inflatable 5k Run?

With some of the biggest obstacles and the most fun, you’ll have, 5k inflatable runs are a great way to take part in a challenge no matter what your fitness level is. Take a look at some of the highly-rated inflatable runs below

5k Inflatable Run

If you are looking for a really fun way to get fit and take part in a fitness event, take a look at some of the 5k inflatable runs held across the UK each year. With events held in multiple locations and dates, you are sure to find one near you.

The inflatable run is normally a 5k run but has multiple obstacles on route for you to jump, slide and battle through! Some might involve water or battle through a maze of inflatable objects.


With 15 inflatable runs Gung-Ho! offer a “Seriously fun inflatable 5k” which is backed up by some great reviews from people who have taken part. They boast some of the biggest inflatable obstacles that the UK has to offer along with being suitable for any type of fitness level. It is all about having fun and there is no pressure to be fast.

If you would like more info about Gung-Ho! events you can see all the dates and locations here or take a look at their promotion video below


UK Running Events

With a massive series of 21 events, UK Running Events have not only inflatable runs but also, if you’re brave enough, zombie runs. The Zombie run is only in 2 locations but looks amazing, you still take on 15 inflatable obstacles but also have to navigate through 8 zombie zones – a great way to test your fitness and run as fast as you can away from them

If you would like to find a UK Running Event near you, all the dates and locations are here, or take a look at their promotion video below


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