Kids Run Free: Keep your kids active!

Kids Run Free is a charity that organizes a range of completely free running activities for children. If you are looking for a great way to get your children up and active no matter the age then these events will be a perfect match.

Growing each year, they now feature events in over 20 locations across the UK in local parks or schools. The events generally take place every month, however some of the more popular races in locations such as Warwick and Tamworth being held every two weeks. 

The entire day is a fantastic family day out. On arrival the kids are given some fun obstacle courses to help them warm up, and then when you hear your child’s group called it’s race time! As an incentive to keep your kids to stay active after the race they’ll receive a race card with space for race stickers. They will get a sticker for every event they attend, leading to an exclusive Kids Run Free gift that they are sure to love!

Aimed to promote an active lifestyle for children, Kids Run Free design activities to get them up and running from an early age. The races range from a cute 50m sprint for 0-2 year olds up to a more challenging 1000m run for 7-16 year olds. Each event features plenty of race directors who are on standby to help you and your child every step of the way. They have an engaging volunteer program too should you wish to help out with a race yourself. 

Or if your feeling a bit more adventurous and feel like you want to be a race director yourself, anyone can apply to setup an event in their local area if one doesn’t already exist. It’s a great way to really get involved with your community and help children of all ages in your local area.

With 3500+ youngsters already signed up and a very easy registration process for those who aren’t, Kid’s Run Free is a great way to help promote an active, happy and healthy lifestyle for your children.

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