How to run a 5k faster

Have you just completed your first 5k run? Great job! Now you’ve got the running bug you might now be wondering, “how can I run my next 5k faster?”

Know your current speed

Before you start working on improving your 5k time, you’ll need to figure out what your current pace is. You can use a pace calculator like this one to work out your average speed over a 5k course based on your overall time. Once you’ve got your average pace you can set yourself targets to increase your speed each week as part of your training.

Add HIIT to your training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is great for giving your cardiovascular abilities a boost. Combine short bursts of high intensity exercise, such as sprinting at your maximum ability, with brief periods of rest to help with your speed and endurance.

Reach new heights

There’s no denying that hill runs are tiring and challenging, but changing up the incline of your runs can really help you to build up those leg muscles. You’ll find that the more hills you add to your training, the easier and faster you’ll be able to run on the flats. 

A bit of friendly competition

Nothing motivates you quite like a bit of friendly competition. Asking a friend or family member to train with you is a great way to keep your training fun – it’s much easier to up your pace when you know that the loser is paying for lunch!

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