How much running to lose weight?

Running is an excellent way of losing weight – even a 30 minute run can have amazing benefits and help kick-start your metabolism. Although it may seem daunting if you’ve never been running before, you can quickly build up fitness if you just start slowly for the first few sessions. Once your body is used to it, speed will come naturally over time. 

How can running help with weight loss?

During a 30 minute run, you immediately start to burn fat as your body is using fat as its primary source of power rather than carbohydrates (which become more important as intensity and time spent exercising increases). According to studies, a 30-minute run can even cause your body to burn more fat than usual for up to 2 days after and keep your metabolism high, burning extra calories.

How many calories does running burn?

Naturally, the amount of calories burned during your run will depend on many factors such as age, weight and fitness level. However on average, a 30-minute run will burn between 200 to 500 calories. More calories will be burned according to how fast you run in this time, as well as the terrain you are running on – a hilly run will certainly burn more calories than running on flat ground. Perhaps over time you can increase the intensity of the run by finding more difficult terrain. 

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