Essential Summer Running Gear: Stay Cool and Beat the Heat

The British weather is unpredictable at best, but the summer months can be a confusing mishmash of rain/sun/thunderstorms and you don’t know what will happen from one minute to the next. It can be hard to decide exactly what you should be wearing for running. Making sure you’re cool enough to not overheat, yet warm enough to not get ill is tricky, but it’s even harder when you can be in bright sunshine one minute and torrential rain the next. 

As a minimum, we’d say wearing a sweat-wicking t-shirt, running shorts, and a water bottle or hydration vest with you, especially for those longer runs. If you can, avoid the hottest part of the day for running and go either early morning or in the evening so you’re in the cooler periods. 

In this guide, we’ll run through some great gear that will get you through the summer months and help with the training into the autumn and winter months. Every product we’ve tried and tested and hope you enjoy using them as much as we have. 

What to wear 

How do you know what to wear on a run? Well, dress for the weather that’s happening right now with a plan of being able to cut a run short if needed. Decent shorts and a running t-shirt are our go-to and will keep you cool enough during the hot runs and if you want, a cap will keep the sun out of your eyes and can help keep you cooler. We’ve got a few different ideas for clothing that we’ve tried and think work perfectly in the warmer summer months. 

Well Fit Active Compression Shorts

These may look like rather unassuming black running/workout shorts but believe us when we say that they are so much more. The fabric is soft and thick yet doesn’t feel too warm – which was great when working out in the heatwave. 

There are two large pockets at the outer side on each thigh which are big enough to fit in our writer’s large Google Pixel phone, plus hold keys and earbud holder nice and securely, even during an intensive run. Pockets without zips make us wary especially for running, but these make sure everything is snug and safe and there was no issue with them moving and no risk of them falling out. 

The waistband is wide and fits nicely on the waist meaning it doesn’t begin to roll down during the more intensive part of your workout or during a run. It also doesn’t squeeze you in too much making it too uncomfortable across the middle which is a huge bonus! 

The fabric around the legs doesn’t seem too tight and they allow you to move as normal without having them roll up or feel odd when working out. 

All in all, these are incredible. Our writer wears them most days, even if she’s not running due to their comfort factor. 

Universal Performance Seamless Active T-Shirt

A stylish, slightly relaxed fit t-shirt that comes in three different colours that looks great and feels even better. The fabric is soft, yet still wicks away sweat effortlessly allowing it to be a perfect running t-shirt but can also be worn day-to-day. 

Universal Performance has magically managed to apply an anti-odour solution that has anti-bacterial properties meaning it can be worn and then aired out multiple times until you feel it needs to be washed. This shirt is the one that will help you cut down on water wastage. 

Without seams, you’ll be able to run longer and further without fear of chafing or rubbing. We absolutely loved it, and it feels great when on. This t-shirt is going to revolutionise your training regime. 

Pressio Unisex Run Cap in Navy 

Having a hat during the hotter weather can help keep the sun out of your eyes, help with sweat and if it does start to rain can help with keeping you a little bit dryer. 

Made from 50% recycled and 50% stretch polyester which is biodegradable, it is extremely breathable and so lightweight, you’ll possibly forget you have it on. It even has high UPF protection on the front and back panels as well as the brim. The fabric is also fast drying so is great when there’s a little rain shower and you want to carry on running. 

The brim is quite wide, and we love how it’s a one size fits with an easily adjustable strap to make sure it fits perfectly on your head. The Pressio Run Cap is also machine washable so if you have had a particularly long hot run, you can wash this with everything else, it is not able to be tumble dried though so please be aware it has to air dry. 

It’s a wonderful item of clothing that will be a great addition to your running outfits and will be a staple for your runs for years to come. 


So, you know what you’re wearing and are happy, but what else do you need? If you’re a new parent and want to keep up training with the baby, we have a fantastic running buggy for you. If you like listening to music, you need the very best headphones to make sure you have great sound quality that actually stays in your ears and doesn’t bounce around or fall out. You may also want to keep the sun out of your eyes so you can actually see where you’re going! We’ve got you covered in our accessories section. 

Edifier W240TN Earbuds

If you want incredible earbuds that are just as good as Samsung, Google or Apple but without the larger price tag – then we highly recommend taking a look at the Edifier W240TN Earbuds. With noise cancelling technology and great sound quality, these are definitely worth the £70 price tag. 

Some people love being able to run with headphones, being able to listen to music, a podcast or audiobook and escape while on their run means they need decent headphones that won’t move, will be ok with getting a little bit sweaty or wet with rain and handling different sounds. The Edifier W240TN handles all this and looks pretty cool as well. 

The noise-cancelling aspect is decent, however, if it’s a particularly windy day, the wind may get through, but general traffic noise is reduced sufficiently. You can also turn the noise cancelling option off, and while this will mean traffic is louder, it is still significantly quieter than using usual headphones. The call quality is great, but be aware that in noisier places, it can be difficult to hear properly. 

The Edifier Connect app supports these earbuds so you can choose which sort of sound you’re getting, and flip between game mode or noise cancelling. Battery life is around 8 hours with noise cancelling on, with it rising to around 9 hours with it off. Much better than most high-street names which are usually around 6-7 hours. 

Outnabout Nipper Sport Running Buggy

As parents, we know how it important can be to keep up with exercise and often it can be hard to juggle childcare, exercise and everything else you have going on. Running buggies are a game-changer in this instance. You can get out for a run, the little one will probably have a nap and everyone’s happy. 

The Nipper Sport by Outnabout is a great contender for your new running buggy, it’s super lightweight and is ideal for jogging, running and even heading out on light trails. It is recommended that you don’t run with your child under 6 months, but you can use it for your walks to get used to it and get your baby used to it before you start running. 

It has 16” air-filled tyres with a fantastic suspension system for those hilly walks, folds up easily and is quite small to fit in the boot easily and has a handlebar brake that is easy to use one-handed. The fixed front wheel means that one-handed steering is much easier so you can get running and know the buggy won’t veer off in all directions. 

There’s a small basket behind the seat for snacks and a small nappy bag for emergencies. You can add on a newborn insert so your baby is safe and secure from the very first moment and you can even add the car seat to it to make it a normal buggy with the car seat adapters that you can buy separately. 

The Nipper Sport is a great buggy that works for jogging and walking, it’s perfect for doing park runs (which is where we tested it) and is really easy to handle. A great all-rounder that you’ll be able to use until you have a toddler. 

Spektrum Anjan Glasses

Our writing team are slightly obsessed with running sunglasses, so these are right up our street. The sleek design fits perfectly and the colours are amazing. 

Made from a bio-based (castor oil) polyamide high performance frame with an exchangeable lens system and OPTICS performance lenses by Carl Zeiss, these are the glasses for running in. The lenses are also complete with UV-protection and are water repellent with Ri-Pel technology and have anti-scratch coating. 

Don’t panic if you drop them, these Spektrum Anjans are impact-resistant and can be dropped without damage with FIT rubberised and hypoallergenic non-slip adjustable temple sections. You can enjoy your run, knowing you can still see when the sun is directly in front of you and if you don’t need them, push them on top of your head and they’ll still hold so they don’t fall or slip down. The rubber nose pads are also exchangeable and hypoallergenic and come in two sizes for maximum comfort. A slightly more expensive version of sunglasses, but we think they are absolutely worth the £115 price tag. 


Possibly the most important aspect of your run, staying hydrated during longer runs in the hot sun is important to ensure you don’t get ill. Having a hydration vest is a great idea, but we also recommend having an energy drink after your run to replenish any sugars, minerals and salt that you will have lost during the run. 

Rab Veil 2L Lightweight Running Vest 

This ultra-lightweight vest is ideal for longer runs, and even comes with 2 x 500ml flasks so you have everything you need for on-the-go hydration. 

The vest is form-fitting and fully supportive with the adjustable sternum fit system, with mesh stretch side panels which fit and mould to your body, meaning there’s less movement and bounce when running. 

There are so many pockets in this vest, you will be able to stash everything you need for your run, including a lightweight waterproof in the back, snacks in the four front pockets, keys and phone in the zip pockets and there’s a bungee pole holder which is a great addition. 

The breathable Mono Mesh helps create a vest that is 50% lighter and will retain 70% less water meaning you’ll have less moisture build up and feel cooler as you continue on your long run.

Natural Energy Drink

Energy drinks are a hot topic at the minute, especially in the fitness community. Having a natural energy drink that will help replenish some lost sugar after a run is our favourite, the all-natural TENZING range is the one for us. 

A company that works hard to be carbon negative, the team at all-natural Tenzig are passionate about their energy drinks tasting good, and keeping you in great condition after a workout. Coming in four flavours; Raspberry & Yuzu, original recipe, Apple & Seaberry and Pineapple & Passionfruit, they all taste amazing and will get you refreshed again after a run. 

You can get a subscription each month so you always have the right drinks for you, and they do a trial pack so you can test out the flavours before deciding on your favourite – good luck picking it, they are all delicious and we often change our minds on which one we like the most. 

A perfect way to keep energised after a run, with all natural ingredients, enough caffeine to move you away from the post-workout coffee and fruit sugars instead of artificial sweeteners. A wonderful idea, that tastes great, helps look after the planet and straight to your door. An absolute winner for us. 

Camelbak Circuit Vest 5L with 1.5L Reservoir Womens SS23

Camelbak hydration vests are the favourite of UK Fitness Events, we love how hardwearing they are, yet comfortable enough to do the longer runs in your training plan. 

It’s a common theme that running accessories like this are made mainly with men in mind, but this Camelbak vest is designed specifically for women and features pockets everywhere so you can fit everything you need for a run. The shoulder straps fit securely and don’t fall down, and the adjustable straps mean you can make sure it fits perfectly for you. The vest also has reflective panels to make sure you’re visible on late night or early morning darker runs for safety. 

The front panels have four pockets designed for soft flasks so you can either use the main hydration pack at the back or the soft flask sections at the front, or all of them if you’re out for long period of time. The 3D mesh is breathable and comfortable with cushioning, and the ultra-light materials give it additional durability. 

A secure zipped phone pocket fits most phones, and you can also put any keys you need in there with quick access if needed. The large back pocket holds 1.5L flask that delivers 20% more water per sip and the Tube Trap keeps everything secure and accessible. It’s a great hydration vest, is comfortable on the shoulders and back for long runs and we think it’s perfect for women to use during their training. 

Camelbak Podium 21oz SS23

If you don’t want to have a hydration vest on, or you’re only going for a shorter run and are happy to take a bottle, then we recommend the Camelbak Podium 210z. It is double walled so keeps water colder for twice as long. 

It’s perfect for cycling as it fits securely in a wide range of bottle cages too! It’s versatile and will keep you hydrated no matter what exercise you’re doing. 

With easy squeeze technology, you can get more water with minimal effort and a high flow self-sealing cap so there’s less water loss whilst giving you the most water with each sip. Each component is removable for easy cleaning, and it’s leak proof with Trustaste Polypropylene and HydroGuard technology, so you only taste your freshwater time after time. 

It’s a great bottle for running and we love how cold the water stays regardless of how long you’ve been out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to run in hot weather? 

Yes, if you are prepared. Stay hydrated, wear appropriate clothing and if it is too hot, stop and walk back if you can. Make sure someone knows you’ve gone out and a rough route so that in an emergency, they can come and find you. If possible, run in the cooler hours of the day in the early morning or late evening/nighttime. 

Does running in hot weather burn more calories? 

Running in hot weather might not affect how many calories you run, it’s more about the type of run you do, the terrain and the speed that help with this. Check out our calorie burning blog to get more information on how to burn more calories during your run. 

Should I run with a towel? 

We wouldn’t recommend it. It will just be added stuff for you to carry. If you’re taking a hydration vest or running backpack, you may be able to fit a small microfibre towel in case you really need it. Most running t-shirts are sweat wicking so you can just dry your face and neck with those or have a buff on your wrist that you can wipe away any sweat. 

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