Where do I find local cycling clubs and cycling facilities?

Cycling clubs provide a great way to get into cycling, meet new people, and have fun.

Cycling clubs can provide a supportive environment for new riders, while also providing more experienced cyclists with opportunities to improve their skills.

They typically offer organised rides, training programs, and social events.

So if you’re interested in getting more social with your cycling, and joining like minded people – join a cycling club or cycling group today!

British Cycling

The official website of British Cycling has a great club finder.

All you need to do is enter your postcode and the radius you wish to search, and they will return a list of local clubs in your area.

All their listings have a brief overview of each local cycling club, and a link through to their main website for more information.

Find your local cycling club on British Cycling >>

Where do I find local cycling clubs and cycling facilities

We Are Cycling UK

Another great resource for finding a local cycling group is We Are Cycling UK.

This is a great website that includes a wide range of cycling advice targeted at beginners, but it also includes over 1000 different cycling groups across the UK that are ideal for beginner riders.

Facilities For Winter Training

When the winter months arrive, your motivation for getting out on the road for club training rides may wane.

So if you’re looking for somewhere indoors to train on a stationary bike during the winter season, take a look at Findgyms. It’s a comprehensive searchable directory of gyms and fitness centers across the United Kingdom, that can help you find the right facilities in your local area.

Another idea for winter training, is to take a visit to your local velodrome.

It’s a completely different experience to road biking, but riding at the velodrome can help improve your group riding skills – you’re often riding very close together!

Most of the velodromes in the UK also have a professional coach available, so it’s also a great learning experience – you might get some tips to help finesse your fitness and riding form!

Depending on whereabouts in the UK you are, you might have to travel to get to your nearest velodrome. The most impressive indoor facilities are in London, Manchester, Newport, Glasgow, Southampton and Derby.

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