Cycling events and Sportive Calendar 2024

Welcome to the UK Fitness Events Sportive Calendar! We have compiled a great list of cycling events and sportives in the UK taking place and created the informative Sportive Calendar for 2024. Organised by date order, scroll down to find your perfect race!

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Bike Events

There are a lot of ways to get into cycling, and finding some local events can help you enjoy the sport, keep fit and meet new friends. Whether you’ve cycled all your life or you’re just starting out, we’ll take you through some of the basics you’ll need to know to get the most out of your cycling adventures.

Bike Rides Near Me

If you would like to take part in a charity bike ride we have plenty for you to choose from, just look at our events near the top of the page.

UK Cycling and Sportive Calendar 2024

March 2024

2nd – The Cambridgeshire Classic

16th – The Wiltshire Classic

24th – Cotswold Cross Endurance Sportive

TBC – Burn 6 Bath Adventure Race

TBC – Beyond Sussex Sportive

TBC – The Yorkshire Classic

April 2024

13th – The New Forest Classic

14th – Spring Onion

14th – Haldon Heroic

21st – The Suffolk Spring Classic

27th – Pearson Steeplechase

28th – The Boxford Tornado Sportive

28th – Etape Loch Ness

28th – Taunton Flyer

TBC – Southampton Sporterium

TBC – Beyond Somerset Sportive

May 2024

3rd – Muck n’ Mac Fest

4th – Ride the Night London

11th – The Surrey Hills Classic

11th – The Surrey Tour

12th – The St Ives Brewery Sportive

12th – Etape Caledonia

12th – Newark Castle 100

12th – Beast to the East Sportive

12th – Kelly’s Cycle Challenge (Sportive)

19th – Struggle Dales

26th – Ford RideLondon-Essex

TBC – Continental Welsh Wild West Sportive

TBC – Goldrush Gravel Bike Sportive

TBC – Beyond Cotswold Sportive

TBC – Beyond Lincolnshire Sportive

TBC – Towcester Mill Brewery Sportive

June 2024

2nd – The Grange Spa Sportive

2nd – Davina’s Big Sussex Bike Ride

15th – The Jurassic Classic

16th – BHF London to Brighton Bike Ride

16th – Struggle Moors

21st – The Long Course Weekend in Wales

22nd – The Wales Sportive

23rd – Dragon Ride

TBC – Shropshire Cycle Sportive

TBC – The Chilterns Classic

TBC – Pedal Pushers

TBC – London to Amsterdam with Skyline


TBC – The South Downs Classic

TBC – Tune Up Tuesday (Virtual Event)

July 2024

5th – London to Amsterdam

13th – The Mendips Classic

14th – Tour of Silchester

19th – Way of the Roses in a Day

TBC – The Magnificat Tour

TBC – Holiday Inn Huntingdon Race Charity Cycle

TBC – Dartmoor Legend Leggero & Mezzofondo

TBC – Vittoria Mountain Bike Marathon

TBC – Wadworth Brewery Sportive

TBC – Galloway ReCycle Sportive

TBC – The Solway Coast Cycle Sportive

TBC – The Ochil Hills Classic

TBC – 200 Series – London to Cardiff

August 2024

2nd Aug 2025 – Dartmoor Legend Ultra Sportive

18th – Tour de Mon

22nd – Vale Brewery Sportive

27th – Devon Grit

31st – The Cotswolds Classic

TBC – Salcombe Cyclo Ride

TBC – Wild Goat Festival

TBC – Brewdog Ride Out Sportive

TBC – Hook Norton Brewery Sportive

TBC – Helmsley Hillman Road Bike Sportive

TBC – The 200 Series – Tour of Kent

TBC – Winchester Sporterium

September 2024

1st – Tour of the Candovers

5th – London to Amsterdam

7th – Ride Across Britain

7th – Bealach Mor

14th – Moor to Sea

14th – Lands End 100

21th – The New Forest Tour

28th – The Peaks Tour

TBC – Wye Valley Brewery Sportive

TBC – Palace to Palace

TBC – Purity Brewing Co Sportive

October 2024

TBC – The Wye Valley Classic

27th – The Kent Classic

November 2024

TBC – Essex Season Ender

Types of UK Cycling Events in the Sportive Calendar

Depending on the type of exercise and challenge you want, there are many types of cycling events you can do, and there will definitely be one to fit your needs.

Road Race

Road races, as you can probably guess, take place on the roads. This means the surfaces will be smooth and speeds fast. There are some that will be quite flat, whereas others may challenge you with tricky uphill and downhill sections.

These can be done individually or as part of a team and can range in length from just a few miles to hundreds. Others may be time or lap based, where you can see how far you can go in a certain time.

The most famous of these is the Tour de France, which takes place across multiple locations across a number of weeks. Before jumping straight into something like that, check out our listings for local events to get you started.


Sportives are very similar to a road race – they usually take place on roads, and across smooth environments that are easy to ride on. The main difference is that a sportive is not a “race” in the traditional sense. Instead of being first past the line, there are no winners and everyone measures their success by completing the whole course within the time limit. Because of this, sportives attract a lot of cyclists as they are a bit more of a relaxed environment, with your only real competitor being yourself.

Off road

There are many types of off road cycling events, including mountain biking, BMX biking, cross country and downhill.

Off road cycling requires more technical ability than other types, as you will encounter many obstacles, fast paced cornering, and will need to brake often to keep the bike stable.

These types of courses can be anywhere – down hills and mountains, through forests and woods or on purpose built dirt tracks. They are tricky but exhilarating, and you won’t regret giving this type of event a go.


Cyclocross can best be described as a combination of all the above – the course normally includes road sections, wooded areas, dirt tracks and other obstacles.

There are also often sections where you will need to get off the bike and carry it around an obstacle before jumping back on and continuing with the race. Because of this variety, cyclocross has become very popular and there are now many different events that take place throughout the year that you can take part in.

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