How to cycle faster

Cycling is a brilliant, low-impact cardio exercise with an array of health benefits. After building cycling into your exercise routine, you may want to think more about getting your speed up and becoming more competitive. In this article we’ll be sharing a few of our top tips for how to cycle faster.

How to cycle faster: Get streamlined!

Did you know that your form can make a big difference to your average cycling speed? To combat wind resistance, try to lower your body on the bike and tuck your elbows in. This immediately reduces the amount of your body being exposed to wind and will make you more streamlined.

Teamwork makes the dream work: Find a buddy to help improve your cycling speed

A good way to work on your speed is to find a partner who cycles at the pace you want to cycle at. There are plenty of cycling clubs out there offering a range of challenges, courses and training. Try to buddy up with someone going at a speed you’d like to cycle at and use them to pace yourself. Remember, you may want to break your speed goals down into smaller doable chunks.

A well maintained bike helps you cycle faster

Complete all-round bike maintenance. It may be a little boring but ensuring your tyres are pumped up properly and have no bumps or dents is a simple way to help with your cycling speed. A properly pumped up bike tyre will make it easier for you to cycle and pick up a higher speed.

Use intervals to add speed into your training

Work interval training into your exercise routine. This involves cycling at fast speeds in short bursts, and recovering with a slower pace in between. This trains your body to work at this higher pace without burning yourself out. Over time you can increase the speed you’re working at or increase the duration of your sprints.

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