4 of the Best Cycling Gloves

Cycling gloves are often an afterthought, with many cyclists ignoring them completely. However, not wearing a pair or choosing the wrong pair can lead to unnecessary pain and a miserable ride.

The following article will look at why you should invest in a pair of cycling gloves and will reveal the best biking gloves.

Why Do People Use Cycling Gloves?

Simply put, people will wear biking gloves because they are more comfortable than not wearing any while cycling, especially long distances.

They will help keep your hands warm in the winter, while in the summer, they can help improve your grip and help avoid your hands becoming too sweaty during a ride.

Should I Wear Gloves When Cycling?

It is a personal choice if you want to wear gloves when cycling. If you are uncomfortable without them, you should invest in a pair.

When to Wear Cycling Gloves?

There is no time like the present. If you are serious about cycling, you must start looking after your hands.

Your hands, feet, and bum are the only parts of your body that are in touch with the bicycle, yet your hands are often neglected. It is time to change this way of thinking.

Do Cycling Gloves Make a Difference?

Cycling gloves will undoubtedly make a difference to the enjoyment experienced when riding.

Wearing gloves can help keep your hands warm during those winter months, plus help to reduce rubbing, chafing and blisters from the handlebars.

Should Cycling Gloves Be Padded?

Padding is essential in your biking gloves. It is crucial for comfort and to help prevent more severe issues.

Those who do not wear gloves when cycling for countless miles each week run the risk of serious problems such as numbness and tingling in their fingers. This condition is called cyclist’s palsy and can be caused by the pressure on your ulnar nerve.

The padding can help to limit these problems, plus help prevent the aggravation of more severe conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

4 of the Best Cycling Gloves in 2022

Benefits of Wearing Cycling Gloves

Before buying a pair of biking gloves, it is worth looking at what benefits they can provide:

  • They help provide extra grip and control of the handlebars. This can be especially handy if your hands are sweaty.
  • The padding in the gloves helps to avoid discomfort, numbness and injury.
  • Gloves can help protect your hands should you experience an unfortunate fall from your bike.
  • Wearing long-finger gloves while mountain biking can help prevent chafing, cuts and scratches from branches, bushes and the environment.
  • Specific gloves provide a special area for wiping your nose while riding.
  • Cycling gloves can keep your hands warm while cycling in the cold and rain.
  • Wearing gloves can help prevent callouses that can form if you spend a lot of time on your bike.

How to Measure Cycling Gloves?

You need to be careful when buying biking gloves; you won’t want to buy a pair that are too snug, nor will you want a pair that are too loose.

When cycling, blood will be pumped around your body faster than usual, which will cause your hands to swell. Wearing gloves that are too tight will be uncomfortable, while those that are too loose will likely cause chaffing and blisters due to your hands slipping around inside them.

While cycling glove manufacturers offer their gloves in different sizes, you must measure your hands to ensure you are buying ones that will fit you.

The following is a quick guide to measuring your hands for buying riding gloves:

  1. Start by measuring your dominant hand.
  2. Lay this hand flat and use a tape measure to see the circumference of your palm.
  3. You should measure below the knuckles, but make sure not to include your thumb.

If you are between sizes when picking gloves, it is advised that you opt for the larger ones.

How Do I Know What Size Cycling Gloves to Buy?

The best way to know whether the riding gloves fit is to try them on.

Generally speaking, you will want to buy gloves that fit you snugly without scrunching up and causing chaffing when your fingers are taut. This problem is prevalent once you grab the handlebars of your bike.

You will know that your gloves are too tight if they are uncomfortable when making a fist. The gloves are too loose if they bunch up in your palms.

The Best Cycling Gloves

The following are two pairs of gloves that are highly recommended. They are both fingerless and are best worn during the summer months.

Both are padded and come with textured palms to help grip the handlebars during a sweaty ride.

Altura Progel Cycling Mitts

Altura Progel Cycling Mitts

This first recommendation is a redesigned classic with additional padding and fewer seams to improve comfort.

The palm itself is made from suede, with stretch lycra upper.

While these gloves are aimed towards the cheaper end of the market, they are certainly comfortable and well-made.

Price: £21 from Chain Reaction Cycles

De Marchi Revo Gloves

De Marchi Revo Gloves

These gloves use high-density foam inserts in the palms offering excellent shock absorption.

The grips are also incredible, with the mesh on the back of the gloves being highly breathable, ensuring your hands do not get too hot during rides in the summer months.

The Best Cycling Gloves for Winter

When cycling in the winter months, your hands will feel the cold the fastest. This can make it difficult to enjoy your ride.

If you want to avoid experiencing the cold during the winter, a good quality pair of winter cycling gloves would be a good investment.

The following are recommendations for the best gloves for cycling in cold weather.

Sportful Sottozero Winter Gloves  |

Sportful Sottozero Winter Gloves

These gloves are incredibly light but offer excellent protection against the cold.

The palms offer excellent grip without being too padded, while the back of the hand features a reflective logo that will help improve visibility if worn at night.

There is an area designed specifically for those unpleasant runny noses, with water-resistant materials and a touchscreen finger in case you need to use a smartphone while travelling.

Endura Strike Gloves

Endura Strike Gloves

This pair will be our recommendation if you want a budget pair of winter gloves.

Offering exceptional protection against wind and rain, these gloves have a gel palm for comfort and silicone grips to help you hold onto those slippery handlebars, whatever the weather.

These gloves are waterproof, and the windproof panel across the back of the gloves allow your hands to breathe during challenging rides.

Price: from £25 by Chain Reaction Cycles

Where to Buy Cycling Gloves?

There are so many places you can buy cycling gloves.

If you want to try them before you buy, then if you are lucky enough to have a local store they should be your first point of call because you will be able to get a personal touch, with the salespeople able to offer you advice on your purchase. You should also be able to try on any gloves that you fancy.

If you do not have a local bike shop then the likes of Wiggle and Chain Reaction are safe bets for lots of choices and different brands to choose from.

Nowadays, there are plenty of online stockists of some top cycling brands. Often, these online stores can offer their products at a more affordable price.

For those looking for a bargain, consider buying used cycling equipment. Websites like eBay and Gumtree, as well as social media platforms like Facebook, will allow you to buy gloves at a fraction of their usual price.

Best Cycling Gloves


How Long Do Cycling Gloves Last?

If they are looked after, then a pair of gloves should last you around 4,000 to 6,000 miles before they need to be replaced.

Do Cycling Gloves Help With Numbness?

The padding in your gloves can help with numbness. Always check the quality of the padding on the gloves before purchasing if numbness is a common issue.

Do Cycling Gloves Stretch?

Cycling gloves can stretch a little bit, but if you buy a pair that is too tight and expect them to stretch, you may be disappointed.

Can You Wash Cycling Gloves?

Yes, you can wash your cycling gloves. You can either pop them in the wash with the rest of your cycling kit or hand wash them if they are particularly grubby.

Can I Use Gym Gloves for Cycling?

Yes, you can use gym gloves for cycling. If you are a beginner with a pair of gym gloves, stick with them. As you become more experienced, a more dedicated pair of gloves would be a wise investment.

Why Are Cycling Gloves Fingerless?

Fingerless gloves are more popular as they are cooler and are less likely to interfere with the controls of your bike.


When choosing a pair of cycling gloves, you need to ask plenty of questions.

Hopefully, the above article has answered a few of these questions. We have also provided you with recommendations for excellent quality gloves that will undoubtedly help increase the enjoyment of your future rides.

We hope you enjoyed this blog, read more of our cycling guides and advice