What is Spinning?

Though ‘Spin’ is technically a brand, the name has become synonymous with the growth of indoor cycling.

What is spinning?

Unlike stationary bikes, indoor cycling workouts like Spin are designed to mimic the feel of a real-life bike ride. You can adjust your own resistance, which means that in an instant you can go from cycling a straight road to going up a steep mountain. One major difference is that, because of how the bikes are made, you can’t ‘freewheel’ or let the wheels spin when you want a break. It makes you work hard!

What are the benefits of spinning?

Indoor cycling workouts such as spinning have many physical benefits. Like other forms of high-intensity exercise, your heart will get stronger and you’ll be able to endure more physical activity. Your muscle tone and core strength will improve as well since there’s so much focus on your posture (and you’re constantly pedaling.) It’s also low-impact – great for those with injuries or arthritis.

This training regime can also give you a mental boost – and we’re not just talking about the endorphin rush. Indoor cycling has been scientifically proven to improve a person’s memory and make them more productive. That’s right – there’s a workplace benefit to fitness beyond looking good in that new suit!

Spin classes are also known for their community spirit. You can do Spin on your own, but during a tough hill climb, there’s nothing quite like a class of fellow riders to spur you on. You can hold each other accountable, meaning you’re less likely to give up. 

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