What is circuit training?

Circuit training may be something that you remember from your childhood P.E lessons, but there’s no need to leave it in the past as it’s pretty good for your general fitness too!

What is circuit training?

As the name suggests, circuit training involves doing several different exercises at different ‘stations’, one after the other, with little to no period of rest in between. A single circuit is completed once you’ve exercised at all of the stations.

Benefits of Circuit Training


From push-ups to squats and biking to weights, almost any exercise can be part of circuit training. The variety means you’re less likely to become bored, and you can avoid the dreaded progress plateau.

Burn more calories

The short rest time between stations in circuit training means that your heart is always pumping. This means you’re more likely to burn calories and lose weight.

Great for beginners

Because it’s so flexible, circuit training is a good choice for those just starting out on their fitness journey. You can take each exercise station at your own pace – a good thing if you’re not so confident with certain exercises.

The social side

If you choose to take a circuit training class at a gym, you’ll be working with others in small groups. Being around people with the same goals as you will help to keep you motivated and achieve more.

The intensity of circuit training can seem overwhelming at first. But if you’re looking to improve your fitness in multiple areas while losing weight and making friends, it could be just the regime for you.

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