What is Bodypump?

Bodypump is one of the most popular ways to get a toned body without the extra bulk.

What is a typical Bodypump workout?

Bodypump involves a mixture of aerobic and weight training, all based around ‘The Rep Effect’. The theory is that light weightlifting, with a lot of repetitions, will lead to leaner, more athletic muscle. Workouts are usually 30-55 minutes long, featuring up to ten music tracks. For the duration of one track, your exercises will focus on one specific muscle group – so expect squats, deadlifts and lunges as well as weights. The tracks change every session, keeping the workout fresh and exciting. 

Benefits of Bodypump 

A better looking body

One Bodypump session won’t turn you into a Greek god – but that’s the entire point. Bodypump’s focus on lighter weights means you can get a leaner body without the typical bulk that’s associated with traditional weightlifting.

Increased strength and endurance

Bodypump involves aerobic exercises as well as weightlifting. This means it won’t just make you look better on the outside – it’ll make your heart pump blood faster too, giving you have more endurance for high-intensity fitness activities. 

Bodypump burns calories 

A 2018 study from New Zealand showed that Bodypump creates more of the hormones associated with calorie burn than a similar intensity cardio class. These hormones stay at high levels post-workout, too. 

What does this all mean for you? Well, the weight loss and toning that Bodypump creates are more likely to last – and isn’t that exactly what we all want from our workouts?

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