Use Google Search to find nutritional info instantly

Do you find it hard to get quick nutritional information? Are you tired of loads of apps, books, websites and more? Google is here to help with nutritional information available right in the search results.

Just say, or search for the words

If you are embarking upon a healthier diet, or you’re well versed in the science of protein and carbs just looking for some hints, it can be very hard to get the right info sometimes. Luckily, in their ever increasing role of taking on world dominance, Google are here to help with instant nutrition information available right in search results.

How do you access all this nutritional information? It couldn’t be simpler! All you need to do is simply ask Google in the search box, and their natural language recognition will pick up what you’re after. For example type in ‘protein in steak’ and you’ll instantly be told there is 28g of protein in 100g of blade steak. Along the right hand side you’ll also get every other bit of relevant information too – such as fat, carbohydrate, vitamin and mineral levels.

But what about other steaks? Well underneath the protein level you’ll have a drop-down menu where all the most common cuts are listed and clicking on any one will swap the results to give you protein amounts, as well as showing the other nutrition info too. You can also adjust the weight too, so instead of looking at the nutritional information for 100g you can see what there is in a typical size steak.

What about other foods though? Just simply type those in too. Swap ‘protein in steak’ for ‘protein in peanuts’ and you’ll instantly be given the info you’ve asked for as well as the rest of the nutrition values too. Need carbohydrate or fat values instead? Again just type in straight in – just type a food followed by ‘protein’ ‘carbohydrate’ ‘fat’ or any other nutrional value you want and you’ll be given the answer in seconds. 

So far no matter what combination of foods and search terms I’ve tried have all worked without fail, and you don’t need to be specific either – typing in ‘protein milk’ will work just as well as typing ‘how much protein is there in milk’.

I’m very impressed with this tool – it’s incredibly easy to use and is all accessed directly from the normal Google search page and it works just as well on mobile smartphones as well as computers and tablets, so if you need the info on the go just use whatever device you have to hand.

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