Top 5 foods to eat after a workout

After a workout you need to supply your body some food to recover. A good mix of protein and carbohydrates is a must, but you can mix it up nicely with lots of other treats too. Here’s our top five foods to eat after a workout.

Chicken and Fish

Both Chicken and Fish are very high in protein and can go with just about any food. Chicken breast is free from fat and can be easily cooked in the oven, pan or even boiled or steamed. You can throw on your favourite spices or sauces and serve it up with some veg or even slice it up in to a salad or sandwich.

Fish such as Tuna and Salmon are likewise high in protein as well as extras such as Omega-3 oil which will help with general heart health as well as recovery. Like chicken, you can be very flexible with fish – grill some salmon and mix it with some veg for a light snack that will give your post workout body a boost.

Dried Fruit and nuts

These are a great snack to have after a workout as you’ll get a good helping of protein in the nuts and the fruit will give you a nice energy boost. You can choose any nut you like and they’ll also be a source of Omega-3 and fibre – all good for a recovering body! You should however try to avoid roasted nuts as they typically are cooked at temperatures which can ruin their nutritious value and that will take away a lot of the good they provide.

Sweet potato

These are a great source of carbohydrates and will also provide plenty of other nutrients too such as Vitamins B, C and D and minerals like iron, potassium and magnesium. You can easily mix them in with a protein source such as fish or chicken and cooking them is easy too. Sweet potatoes do a great job at replenishing glycogen levels which are used an an energy source for the body.

Protein Pancakes

I love pancakes and you should too. They are great fun to cook and eat and you can easily add things in to the mix. In this case – protein powder! When making your batter mix just simply throw in a few scoops of your favourite protein powder and then make the pancakes just like you normally would. The pancakes themselves can be had by themselves with a little honey or sauce or you can mix them some sliced fruit for a real tasty treat.

Protein Shakes and Bars

We can call it cheating, but you can deny the simplicity and ease of a simple protein bar or shake. Bars can be rather expensive, but you can easily pick up large tubs or packets of protein powder than you can mix in with water or milk for a easy shake than can be had anywhere anytime.

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