How does a virtual race work?

Virtual races are remotely held events that allow runners the flexibility of racing a specified distance of a well known course within a set timeframe, without having to attend a physical event. Virtual races mean you can take part in a lightly competitive run whenever and wherever you like.! 

How do virtual races work?

You can get yourself set up and running a virtual race in no time. The magic of virtual racing is that it works exactly the same as normal racing, but the race can be run at any location and any pace, whether that’s your usual training ground or on a treadmill inside. 

You can sign up for a virtual race online by selecting the distance you want to run, and your start point. At a time that suits you, you can then run the race distance. Most virtual races make use of your phone or smartwatch to track your time, which you then upload to an app or website provided by the virtual event organiser. Once you’ve logged the entire race distance, your finisher’s medal will be sent and arrive in the post a few days later. Yes, it’s really that simple! 

So, if you’ve been asking the question how does a virtual race work, we hope this answers it. Virtual racing might seem a little strange at first but, with races either postponed or canceled because of the pandemic, they allow us to continue racing and not let all that training go to waste! Not only that, but virtual races are a great thing to add to your training routine to keep your motivation up. Why not find a virtual run here and try it out with a friend! 

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