About Me

I’m Mark Truluck, an Online Fitness Coach based in Preston, Lancashire. I have spent several years in the fitness industry and have a passion for helping and supporting dads to get fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. 

I’m passionate about the benefits that fitness, nutrition and mindset can bring to leading a healthy life. I constantly research training techniques, nutrition, mindset and coaching skills to help enhance how effective my advice is, I want to ensure you see results from the goals you set.

Making the move to include online fitness coaching to my services was important for me, it means that I can help dads across the world, whether they want support getting fitter, help with nutrition or just setting achievable goals. Also, with two young children at home, it helps me keep the work-life balance I strive for. Blending work, health and fitness with family life is really important for me, setting long-term sustainable plans in place helps to achieve success.

I know that every dad is unique, we all live very different lives so there is no one size fits all approach to health and fitness. I have an in depth consultation process to go through your current lifestyle, the goals you want to achieve, and then assess your current level of fitness. Using that information I can create a tailored plan to put you on the road to success.

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If you want to start your fitness journey, book a call today, we can talk through your goals and what fitness and nutrition plans we need to put in place to achieve them.