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Fitness doesn’t have to be difficult, a struggle or a pain. With an online personal trainer, you get all the benefits of a tailored workout plan, but in the comfort of your living room. Whatever you need help with to gain body confidence; whether that is weight loss, toning and conditioning or training for a race, we can help you get the results you want

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Why Choose Online Training?



Personalised Training

With our personalised online training package, you’ll get 1-2-1 support with a dedicated trainer. We’ll work with you on a plan that is tailored to you and your goals whilst fitting into your lifestyle.

Weekly Check-Ins

Every week, you’ll be able to check-in with your trainer. You can get a complete view of your progress and discuss the highs and lows of the week. We can help you track the training and discuss if anything needs to change to keep in line with your life.

Tailored Support

Being able to message your coach at any time is something we think is really valuable with an online training plan. Get your questions answered or elements of the plan changed. Your coach is also there to motivate and support you through this journey.

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Packages and Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Personal Training?

Online personal training can be offered to anyone, anywhere around the world to help transform health and fitness. It’s more affordable than face-to-face training whilst being fully flexible to fit into your routine and lifestyle.

What results can you expect?

Monitoring your progress and the results you get are key to this being a long term lifestyle for you. Expect weekly check-ins where your personal trainer will check your progress, ask questions about what has gone well or check ways to adjust if things are not going to plan.

Your trainer will keep you on track to enjoy your fitness journey and meet your goals!

Do you have another Question?

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How does Online Personal Training work?

Once you sign up to work with an online personal trainer you will be contacted to go through some questions. A trainer will talk you through the consultation which covers topics such are your current level of fitness, experience, goals, lifestyle and eating habits. This helps to shape the training plan and ensure it’s fully tailored to you.

What Is A Tailored Plan?

The next step involves your personal trainer analysing the answers you’ve provided to design a unique training plan for you. This will match your goals to ensure it’s a long-term and sustainable training routine for you. It will cover everything in detail;

    • How many days per week you will train
    • What exercises you will do on those days
    • How many reps and sets of each exercise you will perform
    • The rest time needed between exercises
    • Example videos of each exercise to show the correct form
    • Tips for resting and recovery after workouts