Exercise Tips

We talk a lot about exercise, so we thought we’d impart some of our best exercise tips and tricks to make sure you’re getting the most of your workouts!

Tip 1. Never underestimate a warm up!

Injuries, pulled muscles and stiff joints make exercise a complete nightmare! A short warmup before you start can have huge benefits. Not only will you be more ready to workout at your best from the off, but it can also prevent any injuries stopping you from exercising in the future

Tip 2. Get the technique right

This applies to strength training in particular. It’s easy to strain certain muscles or fail to target the correct muscles were exercising with weights so check out the correct way to perform activities before you try them. The internet is great for finding examples of exercises being done correctly, but having a personal trainer observe your technique is the best way to ensure you’re exercising like a pro!

Tip 3. Switch it up

This tip is perfect for keeping you motivated, and essential for an all-round fit and healthy body. If you like to stick to weights, throw in some cardio, whether it be sprinting, cycling, jogging or swimming. And if you’re comfortable doing cardio, see if there’s a beginner weight lifting class at your local gym, or find a yoga or HIIT tutorial to follow along to at home. These exercises target and strengthen different parts of your body!

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